In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy

Albert Szent-Gyorgi Nobel Prize Winner

What is Energy Medicine?

Working with energy medicine is new to our culture but has been used for centuries before the invention of the pharmaceutical industry.

The energy-body (also known as the subtle body or emotional body) digests emotions and experiences in the same way that the physical body digests food. However, a portion of many emotional experiences remain undigested as unresolved pieces of past experience that hang around the subtle body as “packets” of undigested energy.  Since this energy is a form of life force, the more undigested experiences one has, the less life force one has available.

This lack results in fatigue/depletion, or loss of passion, a sense of meaninglessness or pointlessness, or some combination thereof. Furthermore, these packets of undigested experience can, if unaddressed, start to ‘toxify’ in the energy-body resulting in bitterness, hatred, inability to feel compassion or empathy and other symptoms. The symptoms can also result in disease in the physical body.


Healing work is what is called for when someone has a physical or emotional wound sufficiently deep that it needs special attention. Without such attention, it becomes life-threatening.

Emotional wounds become life-threatening when they sap the joy out of life and begin to paralyze one’s life-force. Perhaps someone with a very strong psyche can heal themselves of deep emotional wounds; but most people need some assistance and support. For example, the inability to forgive yourself for hurting someone, or the inability to forgive someone for hurting you, can effectively inhibit the normal digestion process. In this case one often needs a Renaissance Facilitator t to bring the insight that makes forgiveness possible and thus makes digestion of the experience possible.

This work is about clearing emotional residue from the subtle body. Once cleared the body can then heal itself of mysterious aches and pains, breathing disorders, digestive issues and a host of other physical ailments.  

We live in a time of extreme stress, fear and chaos.                                At least, that is what it looks like in 3D.

Pandemics, inflation on the rise, war in Ukraine, climate up, down and sideways. Pollution of the water, air and earth.  Stolen elections, corruption of  institutions, tyrants that pretend to be for freedom, even NFL football is fixed. Depressing!

Fear excavating gives you peace of mind.  Carrying stress, worry or fear can be a thing of the past.  There are tools you can use on a daily basis to keep the fear and stress out of your life.  You can live a joy filled life even if chaos is swirling out your front door.

The sweet energy of healing pours into our energy systems every time we break fear’s authority over our lives.

Caroline Myss


As a Reniassance Facilitator I serve as an energy evaluator.

Using a series of tools, including accessing the Akashic Records, I am able to determine the health of my clients subtle body.  Presenting as shadow forms or knots in the energy body, together we discover the memories and energy that has become stuck. 

By identifying and releasing limiting self-beliefs I  guide the client to meet their own power and restore right flow to the energetic body by providing new neurological connections. Together we create a sustainable life long change at the cellular level.

Changing neural pathways is the only way to permanently change behaviour. We work together to find the kernel of truth that has been holding  the client hostage to its false narrative.

Often these truths involve phrases subconsciously spoken to ourselves such as “I’m not worthy”, “I am not good enough”, “I don’t deserve (money, love, that great job)”. These subconscious voices will not stop until we uncover where they originated and why they are stuck in our energy body.

We can slay dragons, move energy, heal old emotional wounds and create a new life in a few 75 minute sessions together.


Over a series of one to six sessions we will:

  • Identify your dominant negative self-belief
  • Create the neurological conditions for real change
  • Facilitate the energetic conditions for a maximal experience of transformation
  • Access the archetypal patterns stored in your subconscious
  • Alter the frequency of your state of being
  • Work across the timelines of your consciousness to liberate your personal energy
  • Connect you to your archetypal guide
  • Equip you with tools for ongoing self-determined shifts in your subconscious programs
  • Establish an energy set that supports you to sustain the changes made in your session over time

Creating a new ‘normal’ at the highest possible vibration! Renaissance!

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