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Besides being a Renaissance Facilitator I am also a theater artist who develops frequency and vibration raising events.  

My passion is to create work that illuminates the technology of the spirit and innovates the spirit of technology.  

This intentional use of entertainment as a vehicle to influence the field of possibility may be one possible way we can combat the ever enroaching darkness on society.


My original production NU·TOPIA was a download from the Mind of God about the importance and benefits of meditation.

The Evolution Movement was an enlightenment story from man in chaos to man in coherence.

My original offering called Revolutions took Everyman from political despondency to spiritual and emotional freedom.

The Language of Light was an eyes open meditation piece taking the viewer through the energy chakra systems and ending in bliss and connection with the All That Is.

I consider my productions as a form of activism that encourages mindful responsibility to the collective consciousness by bringing awareness to how we each play a part in creating reality. 

Miraculous changes can be made to the body and to the environment through intentional meditation practice.

The same thoughts equal the same choices equal the same actions and behaviors which equal the same experiences that equal the same feelings.

Meditation can help us: Create new thoughts that lead to new choices that lead to new actions and behaviors which lead to new experiences and new, better feelings.


I began my journey to become a Renaissance Facilitator by following my desire to expand my own awareness about how the inner world is creating the outer world.  

I now understand that energy can become stuck in ones causal body. I became trained to assist individuals to meet and release their predominate negative self belief or largest fear.

Many of the fears that appear for people are very common such as “I’m not worthy” “I’m not enough” “I am un-loveable” among others.

What Ails Our Society?

Understanding that our inner world is more important than our outer world is the first step to understanding that the sickness of the mind we are currently experiencing is because we have too many inner conflicts that have not been dealt with.  We also have to deal with inordinate amounts of programming and lies that are foist upon us daily by our politicians, news agencies and other we had come to trust. This inner turmoil and living in a world of no truth shows up as violence, hate and fear.  In our current day this sickness of the mind has become a deadly virus. Like a cancer, it continues to spread until some truth can take hold and become the purifying agent to our maelstrom.

The collective is also suffering a psychosis because we have lost our connection to the Mighty I Am Presence, which means we have lost our connection to ourselves.  This runs so deep within our consciousness that this is the very reason we look outside ourselves for answers.  We seek “authorities” who claim to have the expertise that you yourself are lacking for your existence here on Earth.  We seek Father figures to fix our problems without doing any of the work inside ourselves.

This work that I now embrace as my service to humanity (along with continuing my quest to deliver sacred performance art) is to work one on one with people who feel called to do the deep work of meeting and releasing their own fears. Taking this action assists all of mankind as it serves the individual. Creating positive ripples into the field of consciousness combats the insanity and discordancy we currently experience as our reality. We have the power to create something better, but it starts with the personal journey, the personal choice to create a coherent heart-center within oneself.  


 Going within is the major key to man’s ability to heal not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Once fully understood, we believe that humanity will be able to reverse the trend of seeking happiness outside of oneself and thus regain his or her personal power, health, and vitality.  

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